These little ones are looking for their forever homes. They have lots of love and puppy dog kisses to give!

Meet Max! This stunning boy with a silky soft black velvet coat is affectionate, curious, friendly, snuggly, and intuitive! He is smart and will take to training quickly. He loves everyone he meets and has a wonderful playful spirit! He has therapy potential and we think he would do great in hospitals, schools, or nursing homes. Max loves other dogs and plays nicely even with cats. He is gentle and sweet. Max will finish around 25lbs. Complete our application to bring home your new best friend!

This little chocolate boy is mini in size and, like his namesake, he is loveable, mischievous, and endearing. To meet Aladdin is to love him instantly! He is sweet, friendly, loves dogs, and is playful. It’s favorite thing is to be outside following us around the yard or playing with our big dogs! He has learned his puppy manners very well and is deferential toward the adult dogs. He has a very happy go lucky nature and always brings joy wherever he goes! Complete our application to bring home love, laughter, and years of snuggles!

This little darling is Eddie! He is a wonderful puppy who has that precious goofy Australian Labradoodle temperament. He keeps us laughing! He is sweet, snuggly, and loves to be with us. Whether inside the house or outside with us in the garden, he is always following us around and watching to see what’s going on in the world around him. He plays very well with his siblings and our adult dogs too. He likes to chew on toes, but we are working through that one! Lol! Eddie is just an all-around wonderful puppy! He is super gentle with children and would make a wonderful therapy dog candidate. He has a gorgeous red fleece collar and will finish around 25lbs. Complete our application so Eddie can join your family!

With soulful human-like eyes and a sweet gentle spirit, Charlie Brown is just waiting to become your new best friend. He is a puppy with that rare combination of athleticism and energy, but also the ability to be calm and give snuggles watching a movie on the couch. The Lion King seems to be his favorite movie so far! This little boy has a huge heart of gold and is well suited for a family with kids, or just adults, well, just about any situation! He is easy going and fits in wherever he goes. Charlie will finish around 25lbs. Complete our application to make him a permanent part of your home!

Jasmine has that beautiful quality of knowing exactly when her people need her the most. She is intuitive, observant, and inquisitive. Growing up with 5 brothers she learned to be patient and tolerant but also to hold her own! She is a mini in size who will finish around 20-25lbs and has a silky smooth apricot coat. Like all of our puppies, she is non-shedding and allergy friendly. Jasmine has her mama Nattie’s wonderful quality of making friends wherever she goes! She never meets a stranger. She is well suited to family with children or those with just adults. She likes to take walks, go for car rides, and make new friends. She’s always up for an adventure as long as we are close by! Complete our application for a lifetime of snuggles and companionship!

Our little Lucy-Loo is a bundle of love! She has a great big heart of gold in her tiny little body. She loves belly rubs, playing hide and seek under the couch pillows, and snuggling. She plays very well with older dogs and other puppies. She is a rock solid little pup who does well no matter the situation. She will always be up for and adventure, whether a neighborhood walk, trip to the beach, or going hiking. Lucy reminds us so much of her mama Juniper, who is a therapy dog. She has that same sweet loving approach to everyone she meets. Complete our application to make Lucy your new best friend!