Chelsea & Knightley {2021}

SOLD OUT. This is a planned breeding for 2021. Chelsea and Knightley are planning their first litter of pups for summer of 2021!

Chelsea and Knightley are going to have a gorgeous litter of mini puppies in gorgeous shades of gold, cream, and apricot! They will have silky soft, non-shedding coats. These puppies will have therapy temperaments and be super sweet and loving! Mama Chelsea comes from therapy lines and we think you can see it in her loving and attentive big, brown eyes. This mini girl has a gorgeous apricot coat that is silky and oh-so-soft! Chelsea is calm and loving, and her favorite times are those spent with her humans and her doggie siblings! Knightly is the perfect complement to Chelsea! He is social, goofy, floppy, and snuggly, quick to show his belly for rubs! Knightley is always up for a new adventure with his guardian home and is just as happy just hanging out at home or having a playdate with his doggie friends. He is a gentle soul and has a therapy temperament. Knightley could turn even the most resistant person into a dog lover in a matter of moments with his winning smile, wagging tail, and gentle spirit. He is a wonderful example of the perfect Australian Labradoodle and really has the heart of a big dog packed into his mini sized body! These puppies will finish around 18-25lbs and be allergy-friendly with non-shedding fleece coats. This Reservation List is CLOSED. If you would like to apply to adopt a puppy, complete an application here. We ask our families to fall in love with the whole litter–please be open to any color or gender! (PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to change the stud for a litter at any given time.)

A note about timing: please realize that Mother Nature is always in charge. ALL DATES are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. We ask our families to keep an open-mind when it comes to a timeline.  

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