Mabel & Finn’s Puppies

Welcome to the world, little ones! It’s been waiting for you!

Your decision to adopt a Lumar Labradoodle is exciting and we are looking forward to working with you to help you find the perfect puppy for YOUR unique family!

At this time we recommend you begin preparing to bring puppy home. The first step is to order your PawTree Puppy Starter Kit! You will find the essential nutrition and treat products that Lumar recommends to get your puppy off to a great start!

We have a list of other recommended supplies, such as shampoo, crate, and toys, under Puppy Care. Your puppy is mini in size and will need a 30 or 36 inch crate at maturity. We recommend purchasing one with a divider to help make potty training easier.

Heartgard is important for heartworm prevention!

We especially recommend reading: 
The Puppy Primer by McConnell

If you have children, the book “Raising Puppies & Kids Together: A Guide for Parents” by Silvani is a must-read as well!

This is an important time to look for a qualified TRAINER to help you being teaching your puppy. You will want to start Puppy Kindergarten GROUP classes as soon as you bring puppy home! We also highly recommend an online training program called Baxter & Bella. You can receive a substantial discount using our code “LUMAR25”!

The pickup time for your puppy is DECEMBER 22 from 3-4pm. Pickup will be done socially distanced for the safety of everyone involved. We will assign your individual pick up time at a later date. We ask you to be prompt out of respect for the family coming in behind you!

Blessings, Kristina & the Lumar Crew

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