Primrose & Finn’s Puppies {2021}

Welcome to the world, little ones! It’s been waiting for you!

Your decision to adopt a Lumar Labradoodle is exciting and we are looking forward to working with you to help you find the perfect puppy for YOUR unique family!

Your first puppy payment of $1500 is now due. Please plan ahead, as the mail is VERY SLOW due to Covid. We STRONGLY recommend using UPS, FedEx, or USPS Priority or Overnight mail. Make your payment payable to Kristina Whitman and send to 2908 Greenwood Circle, Suffolk, VA 23435. Please put the name of the mama dog and your full name in the memo line. You may also Venmo @kristinawhitman. The last 4 digits of our phone number are 1615. Your final puppy payment of $1500 is due when the puppies are 5 weeks old, on Sept 4.

At this time we recommend you begin preparing to bring puppy home. The first step is to order your PawTree Puppy Starter Kit! You will find the essential nutrition and treat products that Lumar recommends to get your puppy off to a great start!

We have a list of other recommended supplies, such as shampoo, crate, and toys, under Puppy Care.

Puppy 101

There are three videos! Please watch them in order. Make a note of any questions you have and email them to us. 
Video 1:
Video 2:
Video 3:


Heartgard is important for heartworm prevention!

Choose flea and tick prevention wisely!


We especially recommend reading: 
The Puppy Primer by McConnell

If you have children, the book “Raising Puppies & Kids Together: A Guide for Parents” by Silvani is a must-read as well!

This is an important time to look for a qualified TRAINER to help you being teaching your puppy. You will want to start Puppy Kindergarten GROUP classes as soon as you bring puppy home! We also highly recommend an online training program called Baxter & Bella. You can receive a substantial discount using our code “LUMAR25”!

Snuggle Puppy

Want to make the transition home easier? Here’s a way! My teenage daughter Marah sells Snuggle Puppies which will come home with your puppy. This adorable stuffed animal mimics the heartbeat sound of mama and has the scent of your puppy’s litter mates. It will provide tremendous comfort for your pup!

The pickup time for your puppy is Saturday, September 25, 2021, around 11am. Pickup will be done socially distanced for the safety of everyone involved. We will assign your individual pick up time at a later date. We ask you to be prompt out of respect for the family coming in behind you!

Blessings, Kristina & the Lumar Labradoodles

We ask our families to fall in love with the whole litter–please be open to any color or gender!

A note about timing: please realize that Mother Nature is always in charge. ALL DATES are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. We ask our families to keep an open-mind when it comes to a timeline.

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