Master Grooming Tools Flexible Slicker Brushes

The Master Grooming Single Sided Pet Grooming Slicker Brush provides a flexible brush head that allows the brush to match the contour of any animal, creating a more efficient grooming process. The flexible head removes pressure from your hands and wrists, allowing you to remain comfortable while working and allowing you to work longer. This single- sided slicker brush is part of a series of Master Grooming brushes designed to give professional grooming results. You’ll use the single sided purple brush for small grooming areas and lighter jobs. The brush measures 8 inches long by 1.75 inches wide.

  • Professional Grooming Brush – A high-quality pet grooming brush that works for professional groomers and everyday pet owners
  • Contours to Animal – The Master Grooming brush conforms to the contour of the animal, allowing you to apply less pressure while still receiving excellent results
  • Single Sided Brush – Brush designed for small areas that need grooming
  • Soft Pins – Brush contains soft bristles, making it ideal for daily grooming tasks
  • Flexible Brush Head – Because of the flexible head of this pet brush, you’ll relieve stress and pressure on your hands and wrists, allowing you to work for longer periods of time