Puppy Care

We want all of our puppies to have the very best start in life! We also hope the transition for your family is smooth and easy. To help in this journey, we provide Puppy Care instructions to all our families including immunization schedules, advice on feeding, and potty training and behavior guidance. We are also available to help you throughout the lifetime of your dog! Below you will find links to some of our favorite puppy products. These can be conveniently shipped directly to your home so you will be ready for your new puppy’s arrival!

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Our pawTree Recommendations

You will find the essential nutrition and treat products that Lumar recommends to get your puppy off to a great start!

Small Medium Breed Puppy Healthy Start

We feed and highly recommend Life’s Abundance “Small/Medium Puppy Food,” and then the “All Life Stage” at age 1.
Read more about why we love Life's Abundance...
We also love their treats and supplements. We like this food because it is made by a small company in small batches using high-quality ingredients sourced in the USA. It is sold directly to the consumer so that they are able to contact their clients quickly in the event that there is ever a problem…and as of this date, they have NEVER had a recall (an impressive 20 year record!!).

We recommend the Small/Medium Puppy Starter Pack as well as a case of the Pork & Venison wet food. We mix the dry and wet food to make a delicious and nutritious meal for our puppies!

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Proper nutrition is important for your puppy’s growth and development. Healthy treats and chewies are essential for training and well-being! Follow this link for our favorite food and treats.

Care and Keeping

From bath time to brushes, crates to clippers, and everything in between, learn more about the physical care and keeping of your pooch here. Included are our favorite books for learning how to help your pup become the newest member of your pack and thrive.


Play is not just fun, it’s essential! A bored puppy is a destructive puppy. Learn more about keeping your doggie entertained and engaged with products we share here.

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