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Kobe is a wonderful older puppy who is full of love, snuggles, and affection! He has completed our Bright Beginnings early training program with flying colors! Kobe is crate trained and sleeps through the night. He likes his crate and does not fuss at all. He is 100% solidly potty trained and is working on walking on a leash and basic obedience.

Kobe is past the puppy stage and is calm, gentle, fun-loving, and wonderful in every single way! At 10 months of age, he knows his name, comes when called, and is fully vetted, vaccinated, and neutered. He is well socialized with children, adults, and older folks as well. Kobe has completed puppy kindergarten and Bright Beginnings, and he loves everyone he meets. He is confident, friendly, smart, and intuitive! He enjoys fetching, going on adventures, being outside, and snuggling on the couch. Kobe knows to sit politely for affection and pets. He is very snuggly and wants to take his naps right beside us.

Kobe has huge soulful brown eyes and loves to make eye contact. He is highly trainable and wants to please. He would make an excellent therapy dog in a variety of situations. Kobe is well suited for any home and will make the perfect new best friend! He is a mini who will finish around 18-20lbs.

We have spent many extra hours working with him and he’s just so amazing in every way! It will be hard to part with this little guy, because he has truly made a home in our hearts!

Like all of our puppies, Kobe comes with our three-year genetic health warranty. He will also come with his crate, his favorite toys, and his snuggle puppy stuffed animal, which he sleeps with every night!

Kobe is ready to go home as early as this week! If you would like to inquire or apply to adopt Kobe, our application is here.


Nora is full of love and life! She is one of our older trained available puppies. This little girl is gentle, sweet, and loves to cuddle and be held! She lives life to the fullest and is always up for an adventure! Nora loves with her whole heart and holds nothing back. She will make a wonderful new best friend.

Nora never meets a stranger and enthusiastically loves and embraces all people, including adults, older folks, and especially kids. She is very smart and is crate trained, but the crate is definitely not her favorite place to be—she wants to be with her people! She is 95% potty trained and well-socialized with dogs, cats, and people of all ages. Nora has started on leash work and basic obedience. She is almost 5 months old and is up to date on vaccinations and fully vetted. She has the sweetest face on the planet and the biggest heart for her tiny little body! We expect her to finish around 15-18lbs!

Nora will thrive in a home with a consistent routine and advanced training, as she is smart and eager to please. She would love to learn fetch, do scent training, or participate in agility exercises. She is 15 weeks old and she I’ll finish around 15-18lbs. Her gorgeous fleece coat is non-shedding and allergy friendly. She is pedigreed and registered with the ALAA. Nora is ready for her new home and has a lifetime of love and kisses to give!! 

Nora has just finished two weeks with our professional trainer and she did great!! She will thrive best with an active family, as she likes lots of interaction and fun in her life. Nora is ready to go home as early as this week! If you would like to inquire or apply to adopt Nora, our application is here.

Ruby & Jack {2023}
Ruby & Jack {2023}

Ruby’s precious little gems were indeed born on their due date, May 4! We couldn’t be more excited about this litter of pups that will finish between 17 and 24lbs. If there’s a sweeter pooch than Ruby, we haven’t found it yet! This girl is the very definition of unconditional love. She is happiest when her humans are right by her side, and she follows her human kids throughout the house! Ruby is out of our Finn and Clover, and she got the best qualities from both of her parents. She is easy-going, rock-solid, friendly, and snuggly. You can’t help but smile with Ruby enters the room! Her gorgeous silky smooth fleece coat will beg to be petted and her big brown eyes will hold you captive. Daddy Jack is an outstanding example of everything an Australian Labradoodle should be. He is sweet, goofy, floppy, mischievous, and loving. He has also mastered the “head tilt”! Jack has a soulful personality, solid boning and confirmation, and a gorgeous deep red wavy coat. He is always happy, curious, and up for an adventure! These puppies will grown to be affectionate, playful, intuitive, and loving! They have apricot and red non-shedding, allergy-friendly, fleece coats and will be mini in size. If you would like to apply to adopt one of these puppies, complete an application here.  This Reservation list is OPEN. We ask our families to fall in love with the whole litter–please be open to any color or gender!

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