The Matching Process

We handle puppy matching in a special way.

First, we have an extensive application to help us get to know the family or individual searching for their pup. Then, we evaluate the puppies and determine their temperaments and personalities when they are about 7 weeks of age. Finally, we match puppies to the families waiting. This helps us ensure a successful experience for both the puppy and the family!
When a family visits puppies to pick one, that family is only seeing a “snapshot” of a puppy. It is one moment in time, one mood, one energy level. Puppy may look calm and cuddly, but this could be because he just spent an hour running and playing HARD! Or he may look active and playful because he just woke up from a nap. Or he could look disinterested simply because he’s saying, “Hey, I’m tired!” You can’t assess a puppy from one moment in time any more than you can accurately assess a person that way! We have the benefit of being with our puppies 24 hours a day. It’s a totally different perspective.

Regarding male vs female, any differences are based on personality/temperament–not gender. Because of this, we do not take requests for gender. You can certainly give a preference, but we never guarantee it. If you have your heart set on one gender over another, we suggest you find another breeding by searching the ALAA website here. There are a lot of great breeders who are accredited and would be wonderful to work with!

We NEVER want to send a puppy home with a family who’s not 100% thrilled with their puppy. That’s why we offer this guarantee: if you come to pick up your puppy and for ANY reason whatsoever do not feel great about that puppy, we will happily refund all of your money including the deposit. We are dedicated to caring for our families and our puppies by making LIFETIME matches for the puppies in our care.

Ready to Get Started?

Please note that our adoption process takes time. Not every family that applies will be approved. You can read all the details about the adoption process here.

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