Client Reviews

See what some of our puppies’ families have to say about their experience.

Marlow's Family

We’re coming up on the one-year mark with our beloved Marlow. I wanted to thank you for sending us the most AMAZING dog we could have ever imagined: smart, obedient, loving, chill, perfect! She has surpassed our expectations in every way. Every day there are about 100 shrieks of, “MARLOW, you’re so CUTE!” She’s like a live stuffed animal. We love and adore her!

You are producing amazing dogs. Thanks for choosing the perfect dog for our family!


Australian Labradoodles: Puppy lying down in the grass

Celly's Family

I want to thank you for a fabulous little puppy. We named her “Celly” (hockey term for celebration) since we are a big hockey family. She is doing great, had a check-up with the vet this morning and everything is perfect!


Maris's Family

We love our Lumar pup! Maris is the sweetest girl with the most easy-going and FUNNY personality! Kristina did a great job matching us up with a dog with the perfect temperament for our family and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her. Maris is super eager to learn and has been extremely successful in formal obedience training, agility training, and is so eager to make her humans happy. We also got great advice from Kristina about everything- from food to crate training, etc. We love our sweet girl and are so happy we found Lumar Labradoodles!

-The Grills Family

Kona's Family

We celebrated Kona’s 3rd Birthday on September 14th! I cannot thank you enough for her! She continues to be the absolute sweetest little girl. She loves all people, animals, etc. She LOVES belly rubs and walks on the beach. She took a road trip to Clearwater Beach, FL. this summer, and a trip to North Carolina in the Spring, with Cameron (my sister’s pup, also from Lumar).


Australian Labradoodles: Puppy lying down in the grass

Scout's Family

First of all Scout is the best and we absolutely adore him! We already can’t imagine our family without him!

All of the kids love snuggling with Scout and he just wants to be with us wherever we are. He hangs out in our backyard by the pool when kids are swimming. He loves going on walks. 

Steve and I just said last night “I’m so glad we have Scout.” We love having him as part of our family so thank you again!

The Rawls Family

Poppy's Family

Poppy is wonderful, and we love her more than we could have ever imagined. She is silly, fun, smart, sweet and exactly what my family needed. She loves to fetch, play tug of war, wake up my teenage girls and walk to the bus stop in the morning to see everyone and get a biscuit from the bus driver! She is so smart and I swear she understands everything I say. Her big brown eyes can get her anything she wants

Sorry to brag so much! I wish I could adopt 100 more!


Smith's Family

My little spud is now 10 pounds and the smartest guy I know. He’s been through three weeks of training and now knows how to sit, lay down, climb (into his crate on his little bed), stay, heel while on a leash, and many more things. He might’ve been the youngest in his class but he graduated at the top of his class! He’s brilliant. I couldn’t have gotten a better puppy than this one!


Leo's Family

We love Leo dearly. Easiest transition we’ve ever had for a dog. 3 accidents first week and nothing since. He’s been doing great! He prefers the floor at night but sometimes will come on the bed for a bit. He sleeps until we wake up and then comes in the bed to greet us. Kids say he’s the most beautiful dog they’ve ever seen. Everyone loves him!


Milo's Family

We adopted our pooch Milo from Lumar Labradoodles about four months ago. We were so impressed with their professionalism, adoption process, and the care they showed to their dogs and puppies. Kristina’s support and help throughout the process gave us great comfort in knowing that she’ll be there in times of need. Milo is a wonderful member of our family, bringing great joy and lots of fun to our lives. We love him so much!!!

-Zehra & Dan Stoner

Banditt's Family

Banditt is fantastic. Can’t tell you what a delight he is. He and I are like two peas in a pod. Thank you for this incredible match!


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